Meet Our Social Media & Influencer Manager, Jamie!

    Hi everyone!


I’m Jamie, a junior at the University of Florida studying public relations. For as long as I can remember, beauty and skincare have been two passions of mine. In middle school, I would wrangle up all of my babysitting money and spend countless afternoons at Sephora, getting lost in the store for hours, completely consumed and immersed in the sea of products. Still, Sephora is one of my favorite places in this world; even if I don’t buy anything, which, let’s be honest, is rare, there is so much to explore. Combining my love of beauty and skincare with my love of public relations and social media has been incredible, and I’ve been MAXXIE’s Social Media Manager since October 2021!

    Skincare is my therapy. In the morning when I wake up, and at night before I go to sleep, getting to complete my skincare routine truly puts the biggest smile on my face. I wash my hands, put my hair up in a clip and lay all of my products out in front of me, my anxiety already easing. The act of cleansing my skin, applying my toner and serums and finishing off with my White Jade Gua Sha and White Jade Roller is my version of absolute relaxation. 

    I am a HUGE overthinker. I could have a conversation with someone and three hours later be thinking about a facial expression I made or something I said. It is extremely difficult for me to get out of my head, even when I know something really wasn’t that deep. Yes, I can take a few deep breaths, go on a walk or something of that nature, and yes, sometimes that helps. But skincare is the only thing that works like a charm every time.

    I’m not oversimplifying my thoughts and feelings by any means, but I’ve found a method that works for me: my skincare routine. Whether it's randomly ice rolling my face in the middle of the afternoon or buying a fun product I see at Target, I am drawn to skincare for more than just obvious reasons. 

    As September 4 through September 10 is National Suicide Prevention Week, we are reminded just how important prioritizing our mental health is. Although we are past the week, it is a reminder to always prioritize mental health 24/7. No matter how small, any act of kindness, friendship, empathy and compassion is the greatest gesture. Take care of yourself and take care of your friends and family. 

    Jamie Ambos 


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  • Jill

    We love having you on our team Jamie! You’re the best!! ❤️

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