About Us


MAXXIE™ is a woman owned brand created by licensed esthetician Jill Sharkey, with acne and sensitive skin at the forefront of product development. Our brand represents eastern and western philosophies, like her belief with medicine. We believe finding the best of both worlds, is the key to incredible skincare. We are currently working on developing science backed and clinically studied products that we can't wait to launch soon! 
Our passion for giving back has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We have chosen to donate a portion of our proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation because our founder and CEO was once a Make-A-Wish kid. We are a brand that preaches self care equals self love, and should be practiced by everyone. We know that every product counts, and we strive to make your entire shopping and unboxing experience as rewarding as possible.